Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tony Kushner visits Greensboro

My husband Jim, my son Dan, and I enjoyed a brief visit from our friend, Tony Kushner last week. Tony was here to speak to Jim's class at UNC-G and for a public event in the evening. Jim asked questions and Tony talked about a host of interesting things including President-elect Obama, gay rights, and being a writer. He said writing was not taking dictation from your head. He spoke about the importance of just getting your hand moving across the paper, getting something down that you could then begin to rework, edit, and revise. Not only is he an incredibly wise man, he is also one of the kindest it's ever been my joy to know.

I could really relate to his creative process. I've discovered that just getting myself moving on something in the studio is vital. Even if it's just mending or straightening things up, just being in a place with the raw materials gets things moving for me creatively. For pictures and another perspective, go to Dan's blog for more on Tony's visit.