Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Where I sew month 2012: A look at Safety Pin Studio

It's "Where I Sew Month" at Pink Chalk Studio, my favorite online fabric shop.  I posted a link to the blog there last year and got lots of new visitors, so I thought I'd take some new photos of Safety Pin Studio and post again.  Please check out the Pink Chalk link above to visit more amazing sewing studios.

My studio is a tiny fourth bedroom in our house.  I remodeled the closet so that it's all shelves in which I store supplies and finished, rolled up quilts.

Check out my new ironing board cover courtesy of Michael Graves designs for Target.

Having a studio, a space dedicated to creative work,  has been really important to me over the years.  My work table takes up most of the room now, but it is vital to everything that I accomplish in the studio.  Most of my fabric is stored under the table in bins; some is in the closet.  In Indiana, I was able to have my fabric stacked on shelves.  It's probably the biggest thing a miss here, but I've made adjustments in the way I work and I love the cosy aspect of Safety Pin Studio.

Portrait of Baby and Quilt

You may remember several baby quilts ago when I made an African striped quilt for this little darling.  When I got these wonderful photos of baby and quilt (and even a matching onesie!), I had to share.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Are you Pinterested?

Pinterest has had my interest for about three or four months now. As one of my friends pointed out, "It's like having a subscription to every kind of magazine you ever wanted AND you can get at the pictures you really love really easily."

It also occurred to me that posting images from my blog might be a good way to find new readers.

While I'm not posting everything, I've selectively posted some things that I think might be appealing.

You can follow other people whose taste you appreciate and also other makers of small art.

It's July already and I have really neglected the blog for nearly a month.  There are lots of projects going on around the house now that school is out, so I promise a long, newsy post before too much time has passed.