Friday, December 11, 2009

Revisiting the importance of titling and tagging

Please forgive me as I fall into instructional librarian mode, here. The confluence of several things has given birth to this little post. Firstly, just a few days ago, someone on the quiltart listserv asked about getting hits on old blog posts. Secondly, Google Reader made a display change some time back that now presents the title of the blog post and the first few lines. One must click on the title to see pictures and click again on this display to go directly to the blogger's post. This change means that more posts can be displayed in a smaller space, but it also means that your titles had better be good enough to get your readers to open your post!

Here's a screen shot of one of the blogs on my reader. As you can see, without titles, it's not very clear what the posts are about.

Back several months ago, I wrote a post on the importance of tracking one's blog. In this post, I stressed the importance of titling and tagging when one is writing blogs posts. Blogging is all about getting your thoughts to an audience, and titling and tagging are two of the best ways I can think of to help readers find your words.


Linda M said...

Thanks for sharing , I went back to the original post and you've made it very clear and simple. I'm a novice and had no problem figuring it out.

Dana W. Fisher said...

My inner librarian thanks you, Linda!
All the best,