Monday, April 26, 2010

What I was REALLY doing this weekend

This is what I was REALLY doing this weekend! Saturday's post was part of an elaborate ruse. (The binding really is sewn down on one side of the bento box quilt, though.) With the Jim's encouragement and the help of Alexis, Anna's best friend and maid of honor (and the bride of the wedding bento box) and Matt's mom, I flew to Boston on Saturday morning and surprised Anna at her bridal shower. We had a wonderful time at the shower and then we were together for most of Sunday.

Here are my two beautiful brides. Alexis' big day is next Saturday, so I have to get busy and sew the binding down on that quilt because we are flying back to Boston on Friday.


Sandy said...

How neat is that! I'll bet Anna was thrilled - once you picked her up off the floor, that is.

You both look so happy that it truly warms the heart. Have a wonderful time!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

What a lovely, motherly, sneaky surprise!

Dana W. Fisher said...

She was really surprised and it was worth every minute of planning and throwing her off the scent, Sandy.

Yes, it was sneaky, Mary, and lots of fun.
Warm regards,