Friday, October 07, 2011

"I'm blogging this."

This is what I decided to do with the box of old catalog cards I've been saving.  A little rubber stamp action on the left and then I printed out the QR (quick response) code for the blog's URL on sticker paper and a new business card is born.  Old school meets 21st century!  Since everything I'm talking about during my session at the NCSLMA conference is on the last two blog posts, I'm going to give them out to the attendees.

My presentation was largely a disaster.  Not only was there no Internet connection, but I was assigned to a room that was right next door to the rapper with a microphone, big amplifier, and an electric guitar.  My little group moved upstairs and outside.  They were very sweet and attentive, but I was really disappointed.

I loved Gwyneth Jones' keynote and her presentation on QR codes in the library.  Heather Moorefield-Lang gave a great workshop on bringing the arts into the library.  Dr. Sue Kimmel did some excellent booktalks on multicultural books and I got some helpful information on Google Docs from the last workshop I attended.

Nancy and Joanne, two of my colleagues, held up a sign to gather Guilford Association of School Librarians to the lunch tables. We had a strong presence at the conference, but it helped that we are all less than an hour away and don't have to stay in a hotel overnight.  The economy definitely had a negative effect on attendance, but it was a valuable day for those who were able to attend.


wjalbrec said...

Dana: Yesterday's session was definitely not a disaster. You handled the loud rapper and lack of internet with such grace. It was nice meeting you -- we all left the session with good information and some extra vitamin D from the sunshine!

Dawn Cusick

Dana W. Fisher said...

Oh, Dawn, thank you so much for you kind words. I'm really pleased to know that you got something out of my presentation. It was so nice to meet all of you, too.
All the best,