Sunday, May 06, 2012

Tra la! It's May.

It's May, for heaven's sake.  Where did April go?  Well, I have been keeping busy with lots of things, including getting two staples in my head from a cut I sustained inside my car!  Stupid, don't even ask.
The herbs are in their pots as of yesterday and we got a lovely rain right after I finished planting them.  I have photographic evidence now of what the basil looked like before the slugs got to it. I'm planning on trying some of the non-insecticide options like beer and coffee grounds. Let me know if you have any other methods that work.

The porch was cleaned and readied for this weekend because our niece, Cilloran, graduated from UNC-Greensboro and we had other family members as house guests.

Here's the happy graduate with her parents, Biff and Carolyn.

The new baby quilt is coming along.  All of the blocks are cut and laid out.  Sunday afternoon will be spent in Safety Pin Studio sewing up blocks.  Red beans are slowly cooking on the stove.  (Red beans, rice and corn bread for dinner.  Yum!) The oven is cleaning itself and the washing machine has seemingly been going non-stop since yesterday. Testing season is upon us at school and we have started inventory as well. It's always so frantic at this time of year.  Having the porch available again makes all the difference to me.  I can have breakfast out there before school, listen to the birds, watch the sun come up, and begin the day focused and peaceful.  After school, I can enjoy a cup of tea out there and unwind.  Hoping you also have a place of peace and refuge in your lives.  Quilted Librarian is off to the studio.

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