Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Wedding Quilts

Our nephew and his wife married in a small ceremony last year and our oldest niece is getting married today.  I have been very busy for the last six months working on wedding quilts for both of these couples.  The quilt in the photo above is for Caylan and Michael who are being married today on Sandy Hook.  Michael proposed to Caylan In Ireland when they were on a wonderful trip to Europe, so a variation on the Irish chain pattern seemed appropriate.  The label on the back of the quilt was cross-stitched using the gingham fabric's squares instead of canvas.
I saw the design I used for Duke and Arielle's quilt on Pinterest.  It is an unevenly divided square using a sunshine and shadows type setting.
This is the label on their quilt.
Both of the quilts were hand quilted.  Here are some photos of my work in progress.

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