Friday, June 12, 2009

Reflection on a sad week

Emily: Oh, Mama, just look at me one minute as though you really saw me... I can’t go on. It goes so fast. We don’t have time to look at one another. Oh, earth, you’re too wonderful for anybody to realize you!... Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it?—every, every minute?...They don’t understand, do they?

Our Town, Act III
by Thornton Wilder


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...


Terry Grant said...

A sad week here too.

The quote from "Our Town" is something I have loved for so long. I named my daughter Emily, largely influenced by my love for that play.

Quilted Librarian said...

Thanks for you concern, Mary.

Hi Terry,
I'm sorry for your sadness, too.
I've always thought these lines were the perfect expression of the fleeting nature of life and why we need to strive to "be" in every moment of life. It's actually very Buddhist in that way.
I hope next week is better for both of us.
Best regards,