Monday, October 12, 2009

A little vent and preparing for Make a Difference Day

Well, our Thursday night Piedmont Quilters Guild meeting was supposed to be spent preparing for Make a Difference Day (MADD), but because so many other projects have been loaded into this day, nothing really got accomplished. The MADD organizers know what they are doing. They tell you to work on one project so that you can get it finished. I mentioned this several times and was ignored. Well, I tried. Consequently, I spent all of yesterday and half of today doing the preparation work. I have made a sample block for each of the colors, I've cut the backing fabric and a 22 inch square for each of the bias bindings we will need. Most of the fabric is in two and a half inch strips already.

Here's the orange block. The multicolored flower fabric is a little much, but I wanted to use the donated fabrics.

Here's the yellow one. With larger scale designs, you have to fussy cut the fabric or it just looks like nothing. That's what I did with the Care Bears fabric.

I fussy cut the fish fabric and the large scale design with the nice light background actually worked pretty well.

I love the red block. The frog fabric worked great.

The flower fabric in the green block worked well because I kept the direction going the same way.

The pink blocks are all sewn together and ready to be sandwiched and quilted. You can see the whole top in this post. I did demonstrate making bias binding at the guild meeting for a small group of people, so that's also ready to go.

Everything is in a bag and ready to travel to the Girl Scout Learning Center on October 24th. Wish me luck.


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Good luck! What a project! Good for you!

Dana W. Fisher said...

Hey, Mary,
Thanks. I'm getting cranky in my old age, I guess.
Kind regards,