Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Make a Difference Day

Here are some photos from Piedmont Quilters' Guild's Make a Difference Day. In our room, we made quilts for Project Linus. Most people were making the bento box pattern, but a few made the traditional big square Linus quilts.

This is Linda who really revolutionized the entire process by discovering a strip piecing technique online that really sped up the construction process. I still like the scrappier construction method I started with, but for our purposes last week, the speed method was terrific. Thanks, Linda!

Lucille worked on the red bag of scraps that I provided.

The yellow quilt was a tough design problem because it was harder to find light and dark contrasts.

Susie started on the green bag.

Several people brought tops already constructed, so we had a table for pin basting. Two of the quilters have longarm machines at home and they took many quilts home to machine quilt.

Major string piecing going on here with the big block traditional Linus quilt construction.

When Lucille had to leave, we snagged a quilter from one of the other projects to finish the red quilt. I finished the blue quilt and it went home with one of the machine quilters. I have the binding, so I should be able to get a photo of it before it goes back to the guild for donation.

The Girl Scout Learning Center was a spectacular place to work: tons of great task lighting as well as lovely big windows, nice tables, comfy chairs, and, of course, the gorgeous setting in the woods. Among our volunteers were several Girl Scouts, their moms, and siblings. Thanks to the Carolina Peaks to Piedmont Council for the use of the hall.


ANudge said...

Looks like you got a lot done. I know they will very much appreciate your quilts for Project Linus.

Dana W. Fisher said...

Thank you. It's a great idea to get everyone focused on one day. So much can be accomplished. I appreciate your visit.
All the best,