Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ramping up to Thanksgiving

It's been one of those weeks and I'm quilting on the black, white, and yellow bento box. (Pictures to come.) My parents are coming to us for Thanksgiving along with my brother and his wife, so I'm sharing an old picture of my mom, my Mama, and my aunts about 1925. From the left, it's Aunt Joan, Aunt Charlotte, my mom (Kathleen), and Aunt Betty. Mama is behind them. I'm sure Papa took the picture. He was one of those naturally great photographers.

All these old photographs are causing creative thoughts to percolate in my feverish little brain. After the wedding, I will have to do something more than just think! Hope the rest of your week is great. Quilted Librarian is off to be Coach Fisher of the Battle of the Books team.


quiltcat said...

what a nice cheerful family picture! your Aunt Joan looks like a real character in her overalls!

Dana W. Fisher said...

Hey, Cat,
We in the family have been laughing about the overalls, because they are so NOT Aunt Joan!
Have a wonderful holiday,