Friday, June 04, 2010

A lovely surprise gift

Most Wednesdays this year, I've been reading to two of the exceptional children's classes at school. It's the highlight of my week. They are such a good audience--great listeners and contributors. Today was their big celebration and I was given this beautiful afghan as a thank you. It was made by the grandmother of one of the young teachers. She has Alzheimer's, but can remember how to crochet so she makes afghans every day. I love it all the more because of this special provenance. While I have knitted afghans, I do not crochet and have always wanted a granny square afghan. It was the perfect gift and I am very grateful.


Sandy said...

What a special gift! There really is something truly heartwarming about its source - not to mention what you've been doing to warrant their appreciation. You'll smile every time you look at it, I'm sure!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

You deserve the sweet gift Dana!

Dana W. Fisher said...

That's so true, Sandy. Something of the maker stays with the work and that means a great deal to me with this gift.

Thanks, Mary. It really touched me.
Warm regards to you both,