Thursday, June 24, 2010

Making some personalized wedding decorations

Since these pennants are meant to be a surprise for Anna, I'm scheduling this post for the week of the wedding. I've been seeing pennants on so many of the blogs and I got to thinking that it would be a great way to decorate the screened porch along with the little Japanese lantern lights.

I drew an isoceles triangle as a pattern and started through my stash of purple fabrics. I decided to alternate light and dark for the pennants and the letters and the lining of the pennants.

I ironed Wonderunder© on the back of fabric scraps to cut out the letters.

I made a length of continuous bias tape from which to hang the pennants.
They say "Best wishes Anna & Matty!" A pennant with a heart separates the first two words and the ampersand separates their names.

Here are all the rest of the pennants cut out and waiting to be sewn together.

All finished! The top row shows the pennants from the back and the bottom row is the front sides.

Anna came up with a very clever design for the table tents.  She and Matty decided to name the tables rather than just put numbers on them.  They are named after places that are special to both of them.

This is one of the table tents all finished.

Anna punched all the holes in the programs and hammered the snaps, too.  I trimmed them all.

A stack of finished programs.


Penelope said...

you are AMAZING! Have you slept at all this week? This is going to be the BEST WEDDING EVERRRRRRRRR! can't wait to see the pix and have a wonderful wonderful wonderful event!

Dana W. Fisher said...

Thanks, Pen! Yes, we have slept (and very soundly, I might add), but our days have been full. I actually made the pennants before Anna arrived and saved the post for this week. I will take a photo of them with the Japanese lanterns in the evening.
Kind regards,

Jean Baardsen said...

That will look beautiful! Is purple Anna's favorite color? Mine too! How nice to do so many personalized things for the wedding.

Carrie Sosbe said...

Looks like wedding fun! Mom and I just did pennants like this out of recycled newspaper for a friend's golf themed birthday party. We cut the newspaper into triangles, color washed them with paint, and stenciled "Yerkes 60th Open" in black. I love the idea of using fabric (and it looks easier than paper!).

Dana W. Fisher said...

Hi Jean,
Anna chose purple because her bridesmaids' hair and skin tones were all so different that she wanted a color with lots of beautiful tints and tones for dresses and purple really filled the bill best. It's also the color of her college, Kenyon.

Hey Carrie! The pennants were great fun to make out of fabric, but your paper ones sound wonderful, too.

Warm regards, Dana