Sunday, September 05, 2010

Finishing up the doll quilt and a weather change

We awoke Saturday morning to a lovely change in the weather--beautiful deep blue skies and temperatures in the high seventies and low eighties.  I spend a large part of the day on the screened porch finishing up the hand quilting on the doll quilt.

The quilting is finished and the continuous bias binding is all machine sewn.  Now I just have to bring it around to the back and hand sew it down.  The tag has my name and the washing instructions on the reverse side.

Here's the lovely little lady who will soon be covering her babies with the quilt.  Dan took this photo of Zoe at Anna and Matty's wedding.


quiltcat said...

What a cutie Miss Zoe is! and what a tasty little dolly quilt that is!

Dana W. Fisher said...

She is a darling little girl, Cat. When she visited us, she found every stuffed animal in the house and lined them all up for a nap. She used Jim's old woobie to tuck them in.
Kind regards,