Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Great Weekend for Getting Things Done

While I did spend some time quilting on the porch on Saturday, the weekend was mostly given over to a variety of jobs around the house.  Nearly all of the supplies are now here for the bathroom remodeling.  (More on that in the days to come.)  I took off the last of the wallpaper borders in our bathroom and we are ready for the demolition and then, the new floor and fixtures.  The front beds are weeded and ready for the fall and a large limb that came down in the backyard is cut up and ready to be collected by the city tomorrow.  I made Thanksgiving for Jim and our niece and we are all nursing food babies at the moment.  I hope your weekend was enjoyable and productive, too.


quiltcat said...

The quilting looks so lovely, especially in that light!

Dana W. Fisher said...

Thanks, Cat. I've found that if I take the photo with just available light from the window, the quilting shows up much better.
All the best,