Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall color and a look at the remodeling

I'm having a Jane Brocket kind of color and domestic artist day.  Jim bought me these wonderful zinnias at the Farmer's Market and the colors are just intoxicating. We went for vegetables, but he knows how I love flowers.

The vegetables are cut up and ready to go into the pot as I poach a whole chicken.  We will have the breast meat tonight and I will make chicken and noodles for my lunches next week with the broth and the dark meat.

This is a little look at the bathroom remodeling.  They started with the guest bathroom.  This is the new porcelain tile floor.  Was I glad to see the last of that ugly linoleum! I had them use tile rather than wood mop boards.

This is the same view with the new vanity in place as well as the high profile/ecologically friendly toilet. You can see what the wall color will be, too.   The new lights should go in on Monday and then they will tear out our bathroom.  Quilted Librarian out to finish quilting Jim's new woobie.


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Great new bath! Finishing the Woobie - yeah!

Dana W. Fisher said...

Hi Mary,
The remodeling has made for a busy fall, but we are so happy with the changes. The binding is now machine sewn down on one side and I will hand sew it down to the back tonight. Tomorrow I start on Christmas gifts. I'm loving all the cute pictures of Audrey.
Warmest regards,