Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jim's New Woobie: Finishing touches

This is the large half hoop when I was just about finished quilting Jim's new woobie yesterday afternoon.  It was a little cool on the porch, so I was happy to have the quilt resting on my legs.

I made the continuous bias binding earlier in the week.  I use my Viking with the walking foot to sew on binding. Here's a link to a tutorial on continuous bias binding.

Here's the front side of the tag...

...and the back. I sew the tags to the back above the binding line of quilting and then turn the binding down and hand sew it to secure the tag. I've made several tags lately.  See this post and this one.

Here's a little detail of the binding and the hand quilting.


XUE said...

I would love a large half hoop like that ! Warm wishes from Tokyo, Japan!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

He will be warmed from the outside and the inside with that beautiful quilt Dana!

Dana W. Fisher said...

Hello, Tokyo quilter,
I treasure my half hoops. The large one isn't as well made as the small one, but they make the edges so much easier.
Thanks for your visit.

Thanks, Mary. I think he's willing to give up the old woobie now!
Kind regards,