Sunday, December 05, 2010

Making cookies with Munchie

My dear niece came over today and helped me make a ton of Christmas cookies for Jim's faculty and staff.

Here's her first batch cooling.  They are called Peanut Butter Blossoms and are a family favorite.

Gingerbread snowflakes came next.  Thanks for the great help today, Munchie!


Dolores said...

It's always nice to have help when baking. Makes the job go faster.

Dana W. Fisher said...

So true, Dolores. My niece was an amazing help. She can handle a Kitchen Aide mixer, shape cookies, and decorate. We got so much accomplished and had fun.
Warm regards,

quiltcat said...

That must have been so much fun, Dana! How old is your niece? I'm sure you were creating wonderful memories for her.

Dana W. Fisher said...

Hi Cat,
Our niece is a junior in college and we did have lots of fun that day.
All the best,

Gunnels blog said...

Oh, it´s looks so tasty !!!

thank you very much for your nice comment on my blog :-)
I think I will bake some cockies now too !