Saturday, December 04, 2010


Look at this!  Our first snowfall in North Carolina.  It wasn't supposed to stick, but it's still coming down and it's definitely sticking.  Christmas cookies are on the schedule this weekend and the snow will put me even more in the holiday mood.

Update at 4:00 PM


lesthook said...

Well goodness! Yes,they said no chance of it sticking,LOL! Here in the sandhills we are just very overcast. Would really be surprized if we get any.

Dana W. Fisher said...

It's still snowing although, it's slowed down considerably. The trees are so beautiful.
all the best,

friedaquilter said...

Enjoy the snow, Dana! I love the white stuff, even though we're having rather a lot of it at the moment. But it does make the world look beautiful!

Nancy said... do you train the snow to stay off the roads and driveways? Wish the midwest could do that...

Dana W. Fisher said...

It really does, Frieda. The trees are so lovely with that thin layer of white.

That's a pretty neat trick, isn't it Nancy?

All the best,

quiltcat said...

Lovely pictures, Dana! I love how the snow outlines the trees. Surprisingly, we didn't get a thing up here in Virginia...just very cold, grey, and windy.

my word verification: bakingo *g* goes perfectly with your next post!

Dana W. Fisher said...

We were really surprised with the amount we got, Cat. The forecast was very sketchy. We definitely got the cold today, but at least the sun is our here.
Stay warm,