Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finishing up the yoga quilt

My yoga quilt is nearly finished.  The binding was sewn on last night and today I am sewing it down.  I've decided to make a bag that will hold my mat and the quilt rather than making the small mat bag.  The baby quilts will take precedence for the moment, but I'll get working on the bag soon.

On the Sketchbook Challenge front, I've got an idea page started for the February theme which is "Opposites."  For more information about the Challenge, just click on the button to the right.

Here's the top with the label pinned in place.  How apropos that upward facing dog is so close.  It's a pose that reminds me how much strength I've lost.


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Love the yoga quilt Dana! Two questions - do you hand write your labels with a marker? And what did you use to make your Single Girl templates? I'm bitten by the urge! Did you see there is a Single Girl Support Group going on in flickr?

Dana W. Fisher said...

Hi Mary. Yes, I hand write the labels using a Pigma Pen. I did some testing and it holds really well after going through the washer. I used polycarbonate sheets to make the Single Girl templates. I have a ton that I salvaged from the trash when I worked for an ink company many years ago. You can get it from scrapbook supply places and I've even seen it at quilt stores labeled template material. I think Denyse Schmidt could make a small fortune selling permanent pattern pieces made of hard plastic for this pattern. Thanks so much for the tip about the Flickr group! I asked to join the group.

Hope you are well and staying warm.
Kindest regards,

Marjorie said...

I'm fairly new to yoga...and I appreciate the stickiness of the mat to keep me from falling on my face. Are there any tricks to using a quilted mat instead of the rubbery ones?

Dana W. Fisher said...

Hello Marjorie,
I use a rubber mat, too. The quilt is to roll up to put under me for certain poses and then to cover up when we do the corpse pose at the end. Our teacher has a bagful of serapes that we can use in class, but I'd rather not cover up with something that's used by lots of different people.
Thanks for visiting.
Kind regards,