Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thanks, some thoughts in praise of Susan Piver, and a little rationalization: an all-sorts blog post

Thanks to Rev. Danny Fisher for the nice shoutout on his blog concerning a great quote from Susan Piver that I posted on Facebook. It came from an interview she did with Jenna, the author of the blog, Drinking to Distraction and was in response to a question that dealt with issues of vulnerability.

"I think the attunement with your essential vulnerability is the same thing as attunement with your highest wisdom and your deepest creativity and your heart of hearts. It’s difficult to be human. It’s difficult to walk around with what we know is true, which is that we each have a raw and open heart that is without protection at any time."

I love her writing and I think she has a wonderful ability to home in on the heart of complex issues. I've written before about my own struggles with anxiety and Susan's words made me realize how much time I spend trying to protect myself from my various vulnerabilities.  This idea of making peace with them, embracing them as you do your wisdom, your creativity, and your own true heart, just took my breath away. At the same time, I can think of artists, writers, musicians, who have channeled their own vulnerabilities to produce stunning creative works.  Think of nearly any self-portrait by Frieda Kahlo. This is the most difficult piece for me.  Much work still ahead.

I know I haven't posted in days and days, but it's been crazy at school and we seem to have so much to do in the evenings that there's never any time then either.  Last weekend was our 34th anniversary and we had a lovely celebration.  I have been quilting on the yoga quilt when I've had any time at all and it's nearly finished.  Pictures of that will follow soon.

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