Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Single Girl" Support Group: Joining ring sections, Borders and getting ready to quilt

As I mentioned before, this current quilt is the third version of the "Single Girl" pattern that I've made.  I have added thin borders to each of the quilts I've made because I wanted some visual space (and actual fabric) between the rings and the binding.  Above is the border on Jim's woobie quilt. The border on this quilt was the same as the background fabric and that's what I've done for Henry's baby quilt.  For Anna's wedding quilt, I used a similar color to the background fabric.

I left my hand in the photo for scale.  You can see that joining ring sections leaves you with barely one quarter inch of fabric.  Adding binding to this would mean it would end up right on top of the ring.

Two ring sections joined leaves only one half inch.

I have been using borders that are cut one and three-fourths inches wide.  Borders are measured at the center of the quilt.  See this tutorial on borders that do not ripple.

Sew with the border strip on top and then press towards the border.

This is Henry's quilt.  Four rings and borders works out to about 45 inches square.

Continuous bias binding is all made.  See tutorial for that here.  The green jungle fabric is the backing.

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