Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Single Girl" Support Group: Marking and quilting

I have hand quilted each of the three "Single Girls" I've made differently.  The first one (Anna's wedding quilt) is quilted with a sashiko embroidery design called the seven treasures of Buddha.  I ordered an extra large 360° protractor to mark it.

The second one (Jim's woobie quilt) is done in the large meandering or stippling stencil.

For the third one (Henry's baby quilt), I'm going to do the design recommended in the pattern.  The photo above was taken during the basting process.  I tape the back down to the table and mark the center of the backing with pins, then I can line it up with the top.

Now it's all basted and ready to be marked.

I decided to make templates of the quilting design.   The inner four were small enough that I made a templates of the entire shape.  After that, I only made quarters.

Here are the little ones.  I marked the center and the four seams to help line them up.  I use a little chalk wheel to mark because it brushes off easily.

Here's the center marked.

And we're off to the races!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Your method and style of quilt is so wonderful Dana! Thank you for sharing your experience again.

Dana W. Fisher said...

You're so welcome, Mary. It seems to me from the Flickr posts that there are lots of newbie quiltmakers in this Quilt Along and that has inspired some of these basic information posts.
Warm regards,

momto2wasd said...

I love the hand quilting and the fabrics that you used, too!

Dana W. Fisher said...

Thank you so much. The more fabrics I can use, the happier I am.
All the best,