Saturday, August 06, 2011

"Steppdecke für Katz"

I know I promised, but the Christmas elf made me do it.  I never know what to get my mother and it occurred to me that she's always cold now, so a nice lap quilt might be in order. Our family heritage is German and as a youngster, Mom was called Katz--short for Kathleen.  Steppdecke is the German word for quilt , so this is the quilt for Katz.

This is the fabric pull.  The fleece for the back is in the foreground of the photo and was the color inspiration for the rings.

The final nine pieces are being fussy cut here.  My mother loves roses, so I pulled several fabrics with large rose designs.  You can see the turquoise tone on tone fabric that I'm using for the background of the rings.

The bias binding is all made, too.

The fabric plot is finished and the first quarter of a ring is laid out.

This is the second quarter of the ring.  I always try to include large and small scale designs as well as a mix of florals and abstract designs.  I want your eye to move around the rings when you look at the quilt.

The first ring is finished.  It's so bright compared with my woobie, but I'm liking it.

Speaking of my woobie, it's in the hoop and I'm hand quilting it in the living room.

Update: August 8, 2011

Three rings finished.


Dolores said...

You really are in love with the single girl quilt pattern. I am always surprised at the difference colours make in quilts.

Dana W. Fisher said...

Yes, I'm hopelessly hooked on this pattern, Dolores. I think it's the fact that each one looks so different that keeps me coming back.
All the best,

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Two in process - you are amazing Dana! Still haven't based mine! But speaking of German, my daughter will be in Munich for Octoberfest and I am in the middle of making her a "Weisn Dirndl" complete costume for her!! That is why Single Girl is not moving along.

Dana W. Fisher said...

Oh, Mary, that's a good reason to put your quilt aside. I hope she has a wonderful time. I love visiting Germany.
Warm regards,

Christine said...

I love following your blog, and am very interested to see your single girl quilts. Still hoping the pattern will be available here in the UK soon!

Dana W. Fisher said...

Me, too, Christine. I'm surprised that someone hasn't asked to represent Denyse Schmidt's patterns in the UK. Thanks for visiting.
All the best,