Monday, December 31, 2012

Ringing out the old year

Christmas in Boston was lovely this year as we celebrated with both our children and Jim's youngest brother.  The weather was brisk, but not terrible and we even got a little dusting of snow on Christmas Day.  Anna and I cooked dinner at her house and we all enjoyed each other's company while sharing delicious food.   Anna treated all of us to tickets for the Huntington's production of "Our Town" on the 26th and then we had a terrific Indian dinner with family and friends at Mela in the South End.  All in all, a brilliant holiday.

Jim and I are at home on New Year's Eve as has been our custom now for many years.  I'm making roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and we'll be lucky if we make it until 10:00 pm!   Have a safe and happy celebration tonight and here's hoping 2013 is peaceful and happy for all of us.


Dolores said...

I've missed your posts. Have a wonderful, creative and healthy New Year.

Dana Fisher said...

Hey Dolores,
How wonderful to hear from you. Wishing you a happy, productive year as well. I will try to find more time to post. I miss blogging, too.
Warmest regards,

Nann said...

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