Sunday, January 06, 2013

Climbing out from under

I have had a bad case of the OCD blues.  My house was a mess.  My studio was worse and I was feeling overwhelmed by the piles of undone things at school and at home.  This weekend, I feel like I climbed out from under the clutter both physically and mentally.  My house is clean (Thanks to Jim for driving the vacuum and the dust cloth in several rooms!) and things are put away.  The furniture is off the porch in preparation for our new driveway and new porch construction.  My studio is clean and I have laid out a new baby quilt for the newest addition to the UNC-G theatre family.  The photo above shows the backing fabric and the borders and bias binding.
This is the body ready to be sewn up.

The refrigerator is cleaned out and I have plans to reorganize the pantry after reading an article Anna suggested to me.  Last night I made chicken cacciatore that we will dine on tonight along with some pasta and our favorite romaine lettuce and mandarin orange salad.

Now if I could only finish the reading and writing the questions for the Battle of the Books and find the time to do all the cataloging at school, I would really feel good about myself!

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