Sunday, February 17, 2013

A very special baby quilt begins

These are some of the lovely new fabrics I'm working with for a new Single Girl baby quilt.  They came from a quilt shop that opened recently right around the corner from me.  It's called Stitch Studio and they are also the Bernina dealership.

The expectant momma has decided on an ocean theme and this is a wonderful fish fabric from Pink Chalk Fabrics, one of my favorite online fabric store.

I noticed in the Tuesday Morning flyer that they were selling these giant mats, so I hustled over and got one before they were all gone.  It's 58 inches long and 38 inches wide which just about covers my work table and means I won't have that break between the two smaller mats I used to have.  The books are weighing down the corners since it was rolled up.

The background fabric features whales, crabs, octopi, turtles, and starfish.

When Anna was here earlier in the month, she pulled fabrics from my stash and then we went shopping and found the inspiration fabrics and thus the basic color palette of aqua, orange, green, and navy blue. By far the most fun fabric is smiling sharks eating chocolate chip cookies!


Country Maison (Eva Martin) said...

Ooh, lovely colors. I look forward to see the end result.
A quilt shop around the corner from home must be very dangerous !!! :-)


Quilted Librarian said...

Too true, Eva! I have been showing great self-control so far, but once summer vacation gets here, it could be bad.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Judy in Michigan said...

I am interested in how you like that brand of mat. I have always used the Olfa mat or whatever that green mat is called. Mine has lasted forever but I would like a larger one like yours. Great baby quilt - such fun and colorful fabrics.

Quilted Librarian said...

Hi Judy,
This new mat is made by Sullivan's and is called The Cutting Edge. It has a harder, more matte finish than the Dritz mat that I would characterize as smooth and softer. I don't have an Olfa, so I can't compare it with the new one. I did some cutting and I like the way it performs.


jeanettesquiltin said...

Are Congratulations in order!!!??

Quilted Librarian said...

No, but the baby momma is our daughter's best friend of many years and our Anna will be godmother.

What's new with you, Jeanette?

All the best,

jeanettesquiltin said...

I am staying warm while working on a quilt for a friend and anxiously waiting on spring.