Sunday, January 20, 2013

What I did during my four-day weekend

What a lovely long weekend it's been.  Friday was spent pin basting the new baby quilt and starting a new project for a toddler who loves dolls.

This is an old pattern that I used years ago to make a doll for my dear mother-in-law, Mae, who loved dolls and cats.  I love rag dolls.  My Mama made be a Raggedy Ann and Andy that I love and kept on my bed for many years.  The girl kitty has pantalettes, and a dress that looks like a blouse with an apron over it.

Here's the face all embroidered and bewhiskered.
On Saturday, I finished the body and got started on the clothes.
Here she is all finished on Saturday afternoon.
Sunday has been spent hand quilting the new baby quilt in the hoop.  This has been my idea of a great weekend.  

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Eva Martin said...

Dear Dana,

You have a blog award at my blog, please stop by to check that you are one of my 11 nominees.
You have a lovely blog and love your creations !