Friday, August 12, 2016

Bob: a special doll for a sweet little girl

Before our recent trip to Canada to visit Dan and his remarkable wife, Steph, I made a doll for their little niece.  She loves the music of Bob Marley and, though, just past two years old, she can find the CD she wants, turn on all the equipment and put on his music videos so she can dance.  

Bob also has pajamas and we spent lots of time taking his clothes off and putting on his pajamas and then reversing the process the night I gave her the doll.

Bob also has a miniature version of the Kaffe Fassett African Striped Baby Quilt.  To carry all of these things, I also made her a bag using a T-shirt.

She seemed very pleased and she recognized the doll right away.  Later that night, the little darling's father sent us a photo from the baby monitor: she had covered herself with Bob's little quilt before going to sleep.  If she hadn't already stolen my heart, that would have done it.

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Nargess said...

...I think you forgot the words "made by a very special librarian" in the title! WOW!