Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A belated thank you to EdaMommy

I owe a very belated thank you to EdaMommy over at Unravelations for a great mention last spring. She found my blog through Dan's blog and we discovered that we have many similar interests--crafts, knitting, and vegan cooking to name a few. Click over and check out her latest post about becoming a fan of one of my favorite blogs, Attic24. Thanks again, EdaMommy!


Anonymous said...

Tee-hee - and belated thank you for the thank you. ^_^ Been up to my eyeballs these last two weeks - just now doing stuff like (gasp) taking some time to catch up on some blog reading! Deeply tickled to have found myself in a post on a blog I really love to visit! 0.0

Be well -


Dana W. Fisher said...

I'm glad you liked it, EdaMommy. I've felt like someone has been chasing me since late August. Things are finally settling for Jim and me, too.
Kind regards,