Saturday, September 19, 2009

Putting "Gulf View Drive" to bed

Tonight is our final performance of Gulf View Drive at the Broach Theatre. I will really miss my theatrical family when this ends, but I must say, I will be thrilled to get my evenings back and not be so tired. Above is a photo of my favorite scene to perform in the play. This was my first show with Susan L. Jones and it's been a delight to get to know her and work with her on stage.

Laurel Ullman plays my daughter, May, as she did in See Rock City. She is just a wonderful actress with a great career ahead of her. It was a joy to work with her again. Tom Barker took over the part of Raleigh for this production and he has been fantastic to work with, too. I play his mother-in-law, but the characters have a very loving relationship. This was also the first time I worked with Tom.

This is my favorite costume from the show. Thank you, Goodwill for that great pink suit!

Betsy Brown was again Mrs. Brummett and manages to get all the humor and pathos imaginable out of this sourball of a character. It's always fun to work with Betsy.

We had a great set by David Bell, wonderful direction by Stephen Gee, and all performances were made possible by that stage manager to the rock stars, Jerome McCoy. Break a leg, tonight, my friends. I love you and will miss you all.

All Photography by Susan L. Jones and Jerome McCoy


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

This looks like so much fun Dana and brings me back to my days on the stage (only in high school) that I loved so much. Keep up your acting that you obviously enjoy.

Dana W. Fisher said...

You're right, Mary. It is wonderful fun.
Kind regards,