Sunday, September 13, 2009

Enjoying the new camera

As I posted earlier, my son Dan is using an image of my quilt "Kundun" as the header for his blog. He'd used an old image and the colors aren't true, so he'd asked me to photograph it again and send him a clearer picture. Since it's gorgeous and sunny and clear here today, I pinned the quilt to the screened porch and took some photos with the new camera. I love this new camera (Nikon Coolpix L100). I had decided to get the next step up, but after handling both this and the next step up in the store, I decided on the L100.

I'm particularly happy with the close-ups. The details of the quilting and the seams are really textural and clear.

We have a matinee of "Gulf View Drive" today and then a day off. (YEAH!!!) We've had really small audiences, but they have been very warm and responsive.


Tony333 said...

Lovely pics... Nikon Coolpix L100 camera has really wonderful picture quality... I got Nikon camera from Best Buy...

Dana W. Fisher said...

Thanks, Tony.
All the best,