Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good Pesach 2010

(Photo of Passover Seder Plate showing (clockwise, beginning from top): maror (romaine lettuce), z'roa (roasted shankbone), charoset, maror (chrein), karpas (celery sticks), beitzah (roasted egg). Photographed on April 12 2006 by [[User:Yoninah|Yon)

I grew up in a Jewish community, so even though I was a Methodist, I was very aware of Jewish customs and holidays. You couldn't help noticing when the little kid next to you in the lunch room had his peanut butter sandwich on matzah! To all my Jewish friends, I wish you good Pesach.

Gabriel, Age Two, Opens the Door for Elijah

By Sanford Pinsker

My grandson gazes at the seder plate from his position

far down the table, waves his little hands in my direction,

And says, on cue and as he had practiced, "Ma zot?"

Hebrew for "What is all this?" Next year he might know

the Four Questions but for now, Ma zot is sufficient,

and we set about answering him.

True, we took a few liberties with the seder's order,

Gabriel opened the door for Elijah before the meal

In case he got cranky and his mother had to put him down.

For the record, Elijah didn't come this year,

Nor did he drink from the glass near Gabriel's plate.

But I swear I felt the prophet's presence

in the angelic face of my grandson. Both are harbingers

of that better world all of us so desperately need.


quiltcat said...

Thank you, Dana, for the friendly Passover post! that's such a lovely story from Stanford Pinsker. I am having matzo and haroset again for breakfast today :). Hope that you will have a wonderful Easter weekend.

Dana W. Fisher said...

I'm so glad you liked the Pinsker poem, Cat. It does such a lovely job of characterizing the traditional seder and at the same time showing us a picture of this particular family. Thanks for the Easter greetings, too.
Warm regards,