Monday, March 22, 2010

One ring completed!

Here's the first ring all pieced. All the pieces are cut and now I'm ready to piece fifteen more.

This is the fabric plot just in case the piles get disturbed in any way. (An old habit from when we had cats.)


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Just too cool Dana! That is going to be an awesome quilt. I love your organization. I could use that and I've never had cats!

Dana W. Fisher said...

Thanks, Mary. Cats always seem to need to sit right in the middle of whatever you are doing!

Thank you for your vist.
Kind regards,

quiltcat said...

That's a great organizing tool, Dana. And yes, cats do have a knack for rearranging one's carefully arranged squares. I've also made similar guides just to keep myself from forgetting what i finally decided on after much arranging and rearranging of colors.

Dana W. Fisher said...

Thanks, Cat. It's amusing that even though we haven't had a cat in nearly ten years, I am still well trained! It's so interesting to me to see the sketches and diagrams that other quilters use. Process is always fascinating to me.
All the best,