Friday, August 06, 2010

Quilting "Curiouser and curiouser"

Finally, I'm getting around to quilting "Curiouser and curiouser" that was pieced in May during the third Bloggers Quilt Festival.  And look where I am!!  Oh, yes, it's still plenty warm out here, but since the rain last night cooled things off a little, I decided to try quilting on the screened porch with the fans going.

The quilting thread is a light grey and since the quilt was improvisationally pieced, I'm not marking quilting lines, but just going intuitively along in thin, vertical lines.

These are close-ups showing some of the rubber stamped images of the John Tenniel illustrations for Lewis Carroll's  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland that inspired this quilt.


Jean Baardsen said...

Love it! Did you do the stamping yourself? I'm concerned I may develop a rubber stamp habit....

Dana W. Fisher said...

Oh, Jean, it is far too easy to develop that habit! Yes, I stamped the fabric as I was making strips. If you follow that link at the beginning of the post, it shows the process.
Kind regards,