Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Gemini" is pieced and a new "Single Girl" begins

The "Gemini" top that I'm making for my yoga class is now pieced.  It was a bit like working with the bento box pattern when I made the wedding quilt last spring:  lots of colors and many stages of light and dark.  I nearly pulled back and made blocks of the same colors, but then decided to go for it.  I did have a few blocks sprinkled in that are lights and darks of the same color and generally, I think it works even if the colors are "bossier"(Nancy Crow's word) than those in the first bento box quilt I made for my niece.

As you can see from this detail, some of my fabric has been in my stash for a LONG time.  I'm slightly amused when I read the blogs of new, young quilters who are "destashing" fabrics that are maybe six months old.

This is the fabric pull and the pieces for a new "Single Girl" quilt for a baby.  It will have four rings.  This pattern is so wonderfully versatile in its look and size.
Here's the fabric map in progress with three-fourths of the fabrics present.

This is the last quarter of the ring on the background polka dot fabric.  The jungle print will be the back and the stripes (of course) will be the binding.  Looking forward to putting the first ring together.  We have a two-hour delay this morning, so I'm going to get started sandwiching the yoga quilt. 


Dolores said...

I love the colourfulness (?) of your Gemini quilt. What size is the finished quilt and what size are the blocks?

Dana W. Fisher said...

Hi Dolores,
The finished block is 6.5" by 12.5". The quilt will finish about 32 by 74 with the borders. It's long and thin so I can roll it to use for padding during poses and then cover up with it at the end of class when we're doing the corpse pose. I'm glad you like the colors, too.
Warm regards,

quiltcat said...

what interesting fabrics in your Single Girl quilt! when the baby gets a bit older, he/she will have fun figuring out what all the figures in the prints are.

Dana W. Fisher said...

Good eyes, Cat. Yes, there are definitely significant fabrics in this one. The mother is a librarian, so that's a nod from the Cat in the Hat fabric. The parents are cat people and vegans so there are cat and veggie fabrics, too. Your comment reminds me of sleeping at my grandma when I was little. She would tell me about all the fabrics in a wedding ring quilt that was on the bed as I was falling asleep.
Kind regards,