Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Sketchbook Challenge

Jamie Fingal who blogs at Twisted Sister is one of my favorite art quilters.  Her work is original, imbued with her talent for drawing, and often displays her delicious sense of humor.  In a recent post, she announced her participation in a brilliant new project called The Sketchbook Challenge.  Each month, a theme will be announced and Jamie and the other organizers will share their sketches, talk about inspirations, and share techniques.  The brilliant part is that they are inviting their readers to join in the challenge and share as well.  I decided it would be a great way to get myself back into the sketching discipline in preparation for a summer class I plan to take that will involve lots of drawing.  If you would like to participate as well, go to the Sketchbook Challenge blog and pick up a badge, then get your drawing  tools ready and start drawing!


quiltcat said...

What a great challenge for you to take on ...that nudge you probably didn't even know you wanted to get back to sketching! I got bitten by the Zentangle bug this summer and loved it (done with Pigma pens) but have not been able to make time for it for people like me who feel we don't know how to sketch, but do love to doodle (also fun for people who are truly artists).

Dana W. Fisher said...

Hey, Cat,
I will have to look into Zentangle. That's new to me. I am taking baby steps with the sketching, but it's getting easier.
Warm regards,