Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snow Day!

Friday was a snow day, but here in North Carolina, that doesn't mean a vacation day for teachers.  Snow days are teacher work days unless you use trade time or personal time off to "pay" for them.  Since there was a big layer of ice under the snow and our driveway was pure ice, I used trade time to stay home.  The blocks beside the driveway are pavers waiting for our new driveway.  Once the weather clears we are getting, not only a new driveway, but new surface for the screened porch and slab patio.

The screens are down, so I got a clear shot of the backyard through the kitchen window.  We are going to have new screens without the view-blocking lattice.  I'm really excited about that part of the project.

I've taken lots of "before" photos, so when the project is completed, I'll share those.  

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