Sunday, May 30, 2010

Anna and Matt's wedding quilt: The quilting begins

This is the "Single Girl" pattern by Denyse Schmidt for Anna and Matt's wedding gift and the hand quilting has begun. I'm doing a quilting pattern I've used before that is actually a sashiko embroidery pattern of interlocking circles. The intersection of the circles creates a flower and it is called the seven treasures of Buddha. When I made this t-shirt quilt for Dan, I used it.

It's one of those quilting patterns that lets you quilt across the hoop without breaking the thread, so it goes very quickly.

I use a 360 degree protractor to mark the circles and one of those little chalk markers that wipes off easily.


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

You have such a precise direction for all of your quilting Dana - I think that is why it always seems so calming. Beautiful.

Dana W. Fisher said...

What a lovely thought, Mary. I thank you, my friend.
Warm regards,

Momma Made This said...

I love the quilting design you have chosen. Very peaceful. Would you please share the dimensions of the quilting circles? Also, it's nice to see somebody who also believes in chalk marking!

Dana W. Fisher said...

Hello, Momma,
This is an 8-inch diameter circular protractor that I'm using. I have collected all different sizes over the years down to tiny ones that I use for crazy quilting.
Thanks for visiting.
All the best,

gh380 said...

love the quilting pattern. I also hand quilt and this is my favorite pattern, wish there was a template. How do you get the chaulk to stay on while you are quilting?

Dana W. Fisher said...

Hello--You've hit on one of the reasons I HATE having to mark. I usually mark as I go because otherwise, the chalk just disappears when you move the hoop to the next section.
If you use something to mark that will stay on, then you usually have trouble removing the mark. You would think with all the technological advances, someone would have solved this problem.
Thanks for your visit.
All the best,