Saturday, July 24, 2010

Anna and Matt's quilt: Totally finished!

The last few stitches go into the binding and Anna and Matt's quilt is totally finished!  Two days shy of a month after the wedding.  That's not too bad considering this wasn't the only thing I worked on this summer.

The wedding present is ready to be shipped to Boston and I am moving on to quilting the new baby quilt.  Happy Saturday.


Dolores said...

What a wonderful quilt. I do hope it's still not HOT there. We are having a heat wave with humidity and I too am sticking by the AC.

Dana W. Fisher said...

Hi Dolores,
It's been ghastly here--99 degrees the last two days alone. I quilted with the top on a table to keep it off my lap. I hope we all get a cooling off soon.
All the best,