Monday, July 26, 2010

Safety Pin Studio gets a good cleaning and straightening

After I finish a major project, I like to clean and straighten my studio, but with so little time between large wedding quilt productions, that just wasn't possible until now.  I spent most of the weekend cleaning, straightening Safety Pin Studio and culling books, CDs and magazines.  Now I'll take you on a little 360° tour of the space.

The first bookcase actually has some unused space now.

The top of the barrister's bookcase is now home for the CD player and writing tools.

I know the scrap box and the project boxes aren't very interesting, but, look, you can see floor!!

One of my aims was to make the work table as clear as possible.  There's a new project on the work table, but I'll save that for another post.

The second bookcase was where I really got serious about getting rid of things.  (I took nine bags of books to the bookseller's this morning.)

Once again, you can actually see floor!

Finally, the little oddment cabinet also got it's top cleaned off for calligraphy pens and stamps.  
Now I'm off to do some work in my nice, clean, orderly studio.  Jim stuck his head in at the end of the day yesterday and said, "Now, the question is, can you keep it this way?"  We'll see.....


Dolores said...

At least if it gets messy again, you can do a mini clean-up after the project is over.

Dana W. Fisher said...

I'm certainly going to try, Dolores!
All the best,

Jackie said...

Well, you can try!
I did it too so that I could do my paperwork.
I'm quite envious of that lovely chest of drawers.

Dana W. Fisher said...

Hi Jackie,
For me, organization is a process like creativity. I'm always searching for the best way to arrange things in my various work spaces. That little chest of drawers was a present from my dear husband. It was handmade by someone. The drawers are constructed of cigar box and cheese box wood. Here's another post with more pictures of it.

All the best,

Jean Baardsen said...

Looks great, Dana! I love cleaning out my space too, and did it again over the last couple days. It's partly the librarian genes in us!

Dana W. Fisher said...

Hi Jean,
I'm sure you're right about the librarian genes!
Warm regards,