Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jim's woobie quilt: the first ring

Each ring of "The Single Girl" pattern is composed of 31 different fabrics and they are each a slightly different shape.  Templates are a must.  I made polycarbonate templates when I cut out Anna and Matty's quilt because I knew I would want to make the pattern again.  The large scale fabrics required a little fussy cutting.

When one is using this many different fabrics, a plot is a good idea.

Each row represents a quarter of the ring. Different scales, directional fabrics, and different color combinations make the rings so much richer visually.

The first ring is completed.

I've had to make a slight change in the composition after a brief discussion with Jim.  Apparently, the aspect of his old quilt that most exemplifies its woobie-ness, is the flannel back.  So the brown and cream fabric is out and a soft, golden colored flannel is in as backing fabric.


Jean Baardsen said...

I love the colors, and the interesting prints on the fabrics. What size are you planning for this quilt? Jim's a lucky guy!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I have to see the fabric selection for this quilt is just awesome Dana! It is beautiful!
Good thing you scheduled that pre-construction meeting for final changes!

Dana W. Fisher said...

Hi Jean,
While Jim is a little reluctant to give up his old woobie, I think he will really like this one. The nine ring setting should be about 72 inches square with a thin border.

You are so right, Mary. It's a good thing he said something about the back or I never would have given it a thought!
Glad you like the fabrics.
Warm regards,