Thursday, July 28, 2011

Camp Fisher: Missing its younger campers

When our children visited recently, I gave everyone one of these t-shirts.  They come from a great little company called Inkpixi.  We all have Fisher University shirts from them as well.  It characterized this visit-- relaxing, easy-going, family fun.  Right now, we older campers are really missing the younger ones. Craft fun is still going on in Safety Pin studio, however.
My birthday pennants have now taken up residence in the studio to keep me company. I couldn't put them away yet.

My "Single Girl"(design by Denyse Schmidtwoobie is all pieced and I will try to brave the heat to baste it on the screened porch tomorrow.  


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I'm ready to baste my Single Girl (king size) too tomorrow Dana! Can we work on them together?

Dana W. Fisher said...

Oh, yes, please, Mary. That would be so much fun and it's got to be cooler up your end of the country.
Kindest regards,