Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What a birthday!

Well, my sixty-second birthday was quite a show.  Anna brought these great little pennants from Paper Source to open the celebration and also made me a birthday cake.  There was a major stack of presents, and beautiful flowers from my dear husband.

Look at some the lovely gifts I got--a panini maker from Jim,  a wonderful bag filled with rubber stamps, ink, colorful cards, stencils, coasters, and ecological sandwich bags from Anna, a gorgeous pashmina from Dan, and a beautiful bag from my dear friend, Diane (Flora's grandma).

From our friends, the Penlands, I got this amazing carnivourous plant,

this lush fern,

and these snappy, pink geraniums.

Of course, the very best present was having my dear children and my darling husband with me to celebrate the day.


Michael Abbott said...

I was just thinking how much fun it would be to move the picture captions around. Jim could be the "lush fern," and Dan and Anna could be the "snappy, pink geraniums"!

Happy birthday, Dana. We miss all of you very much!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

A belated Happy Birthday Dana! It looks like it was very special - just like you deserve!

Catskill Quilter said...

Happy birthday a little late! This year, and every additional year, you are supposed to celebrate for a whole month! ENJOY!

Dolores said...

I'm glad your special day was special. Happy Birthday.
I don't know if I'd want a carnivorous plant though...

Dana W. Fisher said...

Hey Mike! We miss you all, too. thanks for the birthday wishes and the funny.

Thank you, Mary. What a very special birthday I've had.

My husband calls my birthday celebration Holy Week, but I will be sure to tell him it should be changed to Holy Month! thanks for visiting, Catskill Quilter.

Hi Dolores,
Thanks for the birthday wishes and you're right about the plant. It makes me a little nervous!

All the best to you all,

jeanettesquiltin said...

Happy Birthday Dana, What a wonderful celebration!!! Enjoy...

Dana W. Fisher said...

Thank you so much, Jeanette. It was a lovely day.
all the best,