Sunday, January 18, 2009

First Workshop and Quilt Bloggers

Well, the first workshop for Piedmont Quilters Guild is now history. I shared some improvisational piecing techniques with a pleasant and hard-working group of quilters who produced some knockout work.

I'm looking forward to my day off tomorrow when I'll start a baby quilt for two of Jim's graduate students who had a darling little baby boy right before Christmas.

Pictures are on the way as soon as my new cord arrives. Continuing to find old friends amongst the quilters blogs. Elizabeth Barton at
Arts and Quilts, Cogitations Thereon was in one of my Nancy Crow classes at Arrowmont and Caryl Schuetz, at the Woodhaven Studio blog, and I were in a contemporary quilters group in Indiana called Left of Center. It's fascinating to catch up with what everyone's been doing.

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