Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Traditional Schoolhouse

Back in the spring of 1998, when I first started working in the library at Tuttle Middle School, I was the project director for an after school program. One of the activities I personally shepherded was a hand piecing group. Six middle school girls and one boy each made a block and I made two and connected the blocks and quilted it. I created the fabric for the bias binding from scraps used in the blocks using the Quilter's Bias Ticket. (I did a little mini lesson on this at last Sunday's workshop for the Piedmont Quilters Guild.) They each signed their blocks and I'm still in touch with one of the young women (now a mom herself) on Facebook. When I left Tuttle in the spring of 2007, I left behind the curtains I made out of book fabric, and the banner with the Gustave Flaubert quote, and a sixth grade class quilt, but I couldn't leave the Schoolhouse quilt. It hangs in my office at my school here in North Carolina now.

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