Friday, January 09, 2009

Google Reader: My New Best Cyber Friend

Google Reader is my new best cyber friend. I have been having a wonderful time subscribing to quilters' blogs, librarian and library service blogs, and enjoying the news feeds from the BBC and Guardian sites. It's a wonderful way to stay up to date with the blogosphere of your particular areas of interest in one handy feed. To get started, you might want to go to the Quilting Bloggers portal page that will let you search for blogs in many countries as well as state by state in the US.
I loved catching up with Melody Johnson via her blog, Fibermania. She spoke to the Indiana State Quilt Guild a number of years ago when it met in Crawfordsville. She's a brilliant colorist.
I've been really impressed with the beautiful photography on these blogs and the views into the home lives of these blogging quilters. It's made me resolve to post more often and to upload more pictures. Since I'm going to be teaching some workshops for Piedmont Quilters Guild in the next few weeks, I will try to use the blog to illustrate what we'll be doing.

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