Monday, February 08, 2010

Design problem solved: Wedding Bento quilt

After composing several bento box blocks on Saturday, I quickly realized that the same method I was using for the yellow, black and white quilt was not going to work for the wedding bento. The blocks were just blah. I decided to try the method I used with the baby bentos with color being the unifying factor and this seems to be working. I took the blocks apart and reconstructed them.

Here's an orange one...

and a green one...

and a brown one.

I'm doing diagonal rows with brown in the middle, green on each side of that, and then orange. That way the orange which is the strongest visually, will be the least represented in numbers of blocks.

Shoutout Sidebar

I made doorknob art for my friend Mary who blogs at Mary at Lake Pulaski and she put up a picture of it on her blog. So here's a "you're welcome" shoutout to her. I'm pleased that she liked it.


quiltcat said...

That's coming along nicely! i definitely prefer your second arrangment, too.

Quilted Librarian said...

Me, too, Cat. I'm so much happier with it now.

I hope you and the kitties are staying warm and dry. You got an incredible amount of snow.

Warm regards,

Edna said...

Yes, the second setting looks better to me as well. Glad I am not the only person out there who takes apart quilt blocks to re-sew them!

Quilted Librarian said...

Thanks, Edna. I've done lots of what my friend Chris calls "reverse sewing" in my lifetime!
Kind regards,

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

What a wonderful difference the shuffle of the blocks made Dana! It's looking wonderful.
And just to tell you again how much your gift meant to me - thank you.

Quilted Librarian said...

I'm so glad that it pleased you, Mary. Thanks for the good words about the new quilt, too.
Warm regards,

Deepa said...

This one's going to be lovely!! I love that Green block.


Quilted Librarian said...

Thank you, Deepa. I think the greens are some of my most interesting fabrics.
All the best,