Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Launching a new project: The Wedding Bento

With a wedding approaching on May 1st, I have launched into my next new project--a king-sized bento box quilt. This is for Anna's best friend, so she helped me choose fabric. Anna spotted the inspiration fabric (in the foreground above) on which the color scheme is based. It's from the Alhambra collection of Art Gallery Fabrics. Anna also found the beautiful brown fabric for the back. (See below.) It's called "Olive Rose" and was designed by Valori Wells for Free Spirit, Westminster Fibers. The blocks are 12 inches finished, so by doing 7 by 7, and adding a one-inch border and a six inch border, I can come up with 98 inches by 98 inches. That should be a good king-sized measurement.


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

That is going to be very pretty Dana. I haven't made that pattern and I think I need to try it.

Dana W. Fisher said...

I hope so, Mary. If you love the scrap look, this really is the idea pattern. Went out to the fabric store last night for more pale greens and oranges! Any excuse....
Warm regards,

quiltcat said...

Delicious color scheme! will you hand quilt a quilt of this size, Dana??

Dana W. Fisher said...

Hello Cat,
Actually because of the time frame, I will have it professionally quilted by a wonderful long arm machine quilter here in our area.
Kind regards,