Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fabric postcard thank you note

Look how cute this is! My friend Mary made a fabric postcard and sent me a thank you note. I love the way she used the selvage strips to create the diagonals.

And now that US postage stamps have adhesive on the back, they stick to fabric so much better!


Deborah said...

It's always encouraging to see examples of ones that have gone through the post!

Dana W. Fisher said...

Very true, Deborah. Mary put fleece or batting in the middle for stability which would be a definite help.
Thanks for visiting.
All the best,

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Oh I'm so happy you received it Dana! It was my first try at a postcard and my retired USPS hubby was leery of it arriving at it's destination. I see it was smudged, but at least it got there!

Dana W. Fisher said...

It was in great shape, Mary, and I'm so impressed that the stamp stayed on!
Warm regards,

quiltcat said...

What a nice card, Dana! a lot of my quilting friends do mail's amazing how well most of the cards travel through the mail.

Dana W. Fisher said...

So true, Cat. When you think of all the machines they go through and all the rough handling they probably encounter, it's amazing they make it in one piece!
Kind regards,